Champignolle Immo SARL
56, rue du Général Leclerc
10600 Villacerf – France
N° SIRET : 453 007 247 00019

Caisse de garantie GALIAN
89 rue de la Boétie à 75008 PARIS

FNAIM member, professional card n°132 – proxy agent presenting tourist accommodations


The lease is settled on behalf of the owner according to the prices quoted on the price list on web site : and in accordance with the terms and conditions below.


The client who wishes to book a house chosen amongst those shown on web site:, must ask to Champignolle Immo by e.mail the availability and after that, fill in the booking request form and send it to Champignolle Immo , that will, in turn, give confirmation of the dwelling’s availability and provide information regarding its owner. The client must then send 30% of the payment due by bank transfer (swift no expenses for the consignee and crediting within 48 hours to Banque Crédit Agricole Champagne-Bourgogne – 10150 Pont-Sainte-Marie – France, IBAN FR76 1100 6960 2016 6085 1600 190 / BIC SWIFT Bank : AGRIFRPP810). At that point the house will be booked in the client’s name and the client will have to send the balance and the security deposit, by bank transfer within 50 days before the first day of the rented period. Champignolle Immo will then send the client a booking voucher and a detailed map showing how to reach the house. Should there be less than 50 days between the submission of the booking request form and the rented period the tenant must make a single payment for the full rental and the security deposit due by bank transfer; in the case of payment by bank transfer, the client must state on the same, the payment reference (name, house and period booked);


The rental prices are those quoted on web site: and they are referred to each single dwelling for one week and according to the seasonal periods indicated on the price list. At these prices you must add the tax of € 1 per person over 12 years staying in accommodation per night.


The minimum rental period is one week, going from Saturday to Saturday. For any change, ask Champignolle Immo.


Arrival day is Saturday. Departure day is Saturday. The arrival time is from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. On the day of departure, clients must leave the house between 8,00 and 10:00 a.m. Should the client foresee a delay in his arrival, he must inform Champignolle Immo (00.33-325.76.73.03 or 00.33.699.25.19.29) or its local agent before 4:00 p.m. of the day of arrival. In this case, Champignolle Immo or its local agent will contact the owner to arrange a time for him to receive the guests outside the normal arrival hours and will then communicate the time to the client or if it’s not possible, Champignolle Immo will give the customer a code to take the keys in the key box at the chalet. Should the client arrive later than the aforesaid arrival times without having given notice, the presence of the owner or the person in charge of the lodging will not be guaranteed and any resulting hotel expenses will be at the client’s own expense. Any changes in arrival or departure times must be notified to Champignolle Immo at least 3 days in advance and must, however, be authorized by Champignolle Immo.


Upon arrival in the lodging, the tenant must show the owner or the person in charge the booking voucher and his passport or identity card for registration. Together with the owner or the person in charge, the client must also fill in the form regarding the meter readings and additional expenses. The owner will hand over the key of the lodging to the client only if he had paid to Champignolle Immo at the moment of the balance, the amount due in euro as deposit stated on the price list. Should the client refuse to pay a deposit, the owner can decide not to hand over the key. The amount deposited as deposit less any possible damages made in the house and supplementary expenses not included in the price will be returned by post after checking the lodging and within 15 days after departure. If the deposit was given with a French bank check, it will be destroyed or returned against filing a stamped envelope, within 15 days, after deducting the costs of rehabilitation facilities.Champignolle Immo disclaims any responsibility as far as disputes between holiday-maker and owners over security deposits are concerned.


Le locataire est tenu de jouir du bien loué en bon père de famille. En l’absence d’observation formulée par écrit dans les 48 heures de la prise en possession du logement, ce dernier est réputé en parfait état d’entretien et de propreté.


The number of people that can stay in each lodging can never be more than the number of beds stated on website: The people who can stay in the lodging will be exclusively those declared on the booking request form and whose presence has been registered with the local authorities. Children under 2 years of age are not considered, as long as the customer provides his own cot (unless a cot can be rented in the house upon request) and bedding necessary. Any changeover of people during the rented period is forbidden unless it has been previously agreed with Champignolle Immo sarl.
Champignolle Immo must be informed of any change in the number of people, limited to the house’s capacity, at least two days before the beginning of the rented period.


Pets are admitted only in the houses marked with the symbol animal de compagnie. At the moment of booking the tenant must notify if he will be taking any pets. He must communicate their number size and whether they are cats, dogs or other. In any case, guests who bring pets are expected to keep the animals under strict surveillance.


In the booking form clients must also state whether they intend to hire the linen supplied by the owner at the price of 15,00 euro per person/change of linen.


The lodging will be given perfectly clean and tidy. In some cases, before leaving, the customer must pay a sum in euro, quoted in the pricelist, for the final cleaning. In this case, nevertheless, customers must leave the kitchen and bathrooms clean and they must remove all rubbish from the lodging. Should the kitchen and the bathroom have been left dirty the owner will have the right to detract from the caution money 50.00 euro per bathrooms, 50 euro for rubbish and 100 euro for the kitchen. In cases where a sum for the final cleaning is not provided for, clients must leave the lodging in the same conditions that they found it in. Should the lodging have been left dirty the owner will have the right to detract from the caution money 300.00 euro plus 20.00 euro for each of the house’s guests.


Heating expenses can be charged at a fixed daily rate or according to consumption. In the first case, customers will, in any case, have to let the owner or the person in charge know if they have used the heating. In the second case, a reading of the meter will be made with the owner upon arrival in the house and a second reading will be made upon departure. The amount to be paid will be calculated according to the rate that the owner will have quoted to the customer when the meter was first read upon arrival. The owner has the right to detract the amount due directly from the security deposit previously deposited by the customer upon arrival.
(Champignolle Immo invites all customers to use heating with consideration due to its high costs)


The owner or a person of his choice reserves the right of access to the outside of the house to carry out the necessary maintenance on the swimming pool and garden etc.…


In the case in which electricity must be paid as an extra and according to consumption, a reading of the electricity meter will be made with the owner upon arrival in the house and a second reading will be made upon departure and the amount due will be calculated at the rate of the electricity bill.


Subsequent to booking, should the client be unable to make the holiday he will nevertheless have to settle the following payments: if the cancellation is made before 60 days before the beginning of the rented period tenants must pay 30% of the total amount due, if cancellation is made between the 59th and the 40th day before the beginning of the rented period, tenants must pay 50% of the total amount due, if cancellation is made between the 39th and the 20th day before the beginning of the rented period tenants must pay 80% of the total amount due, if the cancellation is made in the nineteen days before the beginning of the rented period tenants will have to pay 100% of the total amount due. The customer can subscribe an insurance policy (to see insurance).


All the lodgings have been seen and examined by the agent of Champignolle Immo and the descriptions contained catalogue and web site correspond to reality and have been written in good faith; Champignolle Immo does not consider itself responsible if the owner has made changes to the dwelling without communicating them unless this determines the partial or total impossibility of the service and the tenant is consequently interested in changing the lodging. Should the tenant come up against any problems in the house he must communicate them to Champignolle Immo immediately on the day of arrival (during Champignolle Immo’s opening hours) and, in any case, within the Monday evening (tel. 00.33-325.76.73.03 or 00.33-699.25.19.29). The tenant must also give written notification of his complaint within 48 hrs from the beginning of his stay. The tenant undertakes to cooperate with Champignolle Immo in the effort to solve any problems. In default of the above-mentioned notifications and of an explicit authorization on the part of Champignolle Immo, the clients who leave the lodging before the established date will lose all rights to any possible refund of the rental price. The client will have no right to any possible compensation for any complaints made after the end of his stay. If by act of God or due to circumstances beyond its control, Champignolle Immo should be forced to cancel a booking, upon approval, the tenant will be assigned a lodging of an equal/superior category, on the condition that Champignolle Immo is able to offer the tenant this solution. If the price of the substitute lodging is less, Champignolle Immo will refund the difference. Should it be impossible to come to an agreement, the two contracting parties have a right to cancel the contract. Champignolle Immo will refund the rental price only, with the exclusion of any other reimbursement.


For any controversy regarding the booking and the lease, the place of jurisdiction is Troyes (Aube) France. The Law applicable is french law. Booking implies the knowledge of the General Rental Conditions and their acceptance without reserve or exception.


In the price of the rental, the insurance for the risks in the event of cancellation of a reservation is not included. The customer can stipulate some if it retains it convenient, at Champignolle Immo. The customer must also insure against the tenant’s risk resulting from his occupation by the means of his contract of comprehensive insurance dwelling, if it has an extension for the residences known as of “holidays” or it can ask his insurer, an extension of guarantee.